Monday 25 July 2016

Braineater - Weak, Frail and Powerless EP


1. Call In The Bear Jew (Ode To Donny Donowitz)
2. Hooked On LCD
3. The Bird And The Lamb
4. Opinionated

Today has been the first time in a long time that I've suffered with the Monday blues. In the end I had to dust myself off and carry on regardless, while wishing I was somewhere else. At least now I can escape reality for a bit. Tonight's reality crushers go by the name of Braineater (pretty apt I think). I wasn't familiar with these guys until I received an e-mail from Sun Chariot Records, who released "Weak, Frail and Powerless" back in February. Braineater have had a few previous guises in their time. Starting out in 2010 as Astaroth, then changing their name to Volvagia in 2013 before quickly switching again. They released their first demo under the Braineater name in 2013, swiftly followed by a split tape with Vanquisher (2014), an EP called "Reclusive" and then this one. You certainly can't call them lazy!

Braineater specialises in death/grind though on Call In The Bear Jew (Ode To Donny Donowitz), they’re pace is sludgy and their guitars are thick. Who needs labels nowadays anyway, as this is all over the place and it’s great! Hooked On LCD is a really clever title and the song itself is a riff-laden mix of hardcore, thrash and death. I get the feeling these guys don’t take themselves too seriously. I have a sore neck that hasn’t been helped by recent gig attendance (I think age is catching up with me!). The Bird And The Lamb isn’t helping my recovery, as it’s hard to keep still when this song’s on. The noise levels are increased further during Opinionated with walls of bass rattling everything nearby. The off-kilter time signatures remind me of some Hydra Head-era bands for some reason and I’m liking the fact that Braineater keep things decidedly old-school. If you’re idea of shutting yourself off from the world is to sit is a pitch black room with harsh music at unbearable volume, Braineater would more than likely be your soundtrack. Do yourself a favour and jam this. 

Stream and download the EP below:-

If you like tapes, they have five copies remaining too. Other merch is available here -

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