Saturday 27 February 2016

WAKE - Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow


1. Burn Well
2. Wretched Tongues
3. Drones
4. Better Living Through Apathy
5. Low
6. Unrelenting Hate
7. Vultures
8. Endless Decay

Some people subscribe to the mantra that says that fear and hatred are healthy. Fear and hatred manifest themselves in different ways though. They make people do irrational things and they effect the safety of all of us. Thankfully, when applied to musical output they can be cleansing and that is exactly the case with Canadian grinders WAKE and their latest full-length. Released via 7Degrees Records and Nerve Altar (LP), Sentient Ruin Laboratories (tape) and EveryDayHate (CD), Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow features eight quickfire blasts of grinding fury. 

(Photo Credit: Dana Zuk)

Releases such as this are bound to herald a certain amount of anticipation and that’s true as I press play. The opening ambience of Burn Well hides the true nature of what’s about to be unleashed. A few short seconds later chaos ensues. Burn Well collapses into a whirlwind of kick-drums, harsh growls and wretched riffs with a mere hint of treble. Openings like that are often seen as life affirming. The pace is set and Wretched Tongues precedes to obliterate everything and everyone. WAKE though are masters of atmospherics and the mid-section with it’s repetitive instrumental passage proves that even the simplest melodic texture can prove to be the best. Angular and experimental progression features on Drones. Futuristic like it’s technological namesake, it slithers and slides forth amongst a wall of noise. More of a raging flood that a meandering stream. They aptly describe what it’s like to live in the current global climate with Better Living Through Apathy. Even when WAKE switch to a slower gear, they still sound royally pissed off, but always in a controlled manner. There’s no rest for the ears and emotions as Low crashes to the metallic sound of cymbals. No place to hide or way to resist it’s continual physical and mental battering. Unrelenting Hate typifies what I was trying to say in my opening paragraph. Crucially it triggers a healthy response. Crazed and spitting with rage, Vultures portrays the image of birds (or unscrupulous humans) circling the weak, expect they come through the other unscathed and left with the remains in Endless Decay. It rounds out a stark album from a band that has summed up the ill-feeling of this world and condensed it into eight chaotic hymns. Contender for grind album of the year and soundtrack to the end-times. 

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