Sunday 14 February 2016

Laube/Duct Hearts - Split 7"


1. Laube - Bleib!
2. Duct Hearts - Atlas
3. Laube - Immer Wieder Kommst Du Dann Zu Mir Zurück (Demo - Bonus Track)

This was meant to have been posted last night, but I had no energy. About a week or so ago I received a parcel from Daniel from German label Time As A Colour, featuring four record including this split 7". The split was released with Stereo Dasein (The Netherlands) and features songs from Laube (whom I know very little about) and Duct Hearts. I know that Duct Hearts is from Munich. This seems to the only release so far to feature Laube, whom I think are also German judging by their song-titles here. They have a bonus demo song available on the digital version of this split that I'll also be reviewing. It was released last November of black and pink/white mix vinyl.

Laube begin with Bleib!, which contains gentle acoustic guitar and traditional whistles. The singing in clean and in their native tongue and everything feels very folk-like, with both male and female vocals. I’ll be honest and say that this wasn’t what I was expecting, but it’s actually really nice and very well played. On the flip-side Duct Hearts presents gentle indie/emo on Atlas. They compliment Laube’s contribution well and sing in English as well. The bonus song from Laube on the digital version of the split is another acoustic folk song. Immer Wieder Kommst… features incredibly intelligent guitar playing that makes it really listenable. I think this split highlights the breathe of musical tastes people have and that it’s better to be original than to copy others. This is great and certainly worth listening to when you want a break from heavier music. Be adventurous, I dare you!

You can stream the split below:-

Physical copies can be purchased from the links below -

Time As A Colour -
Stereo Dasein -

Duct Hearts Facebook -
Time As A Colour Records Facebook -
Stereo Dasein Records Facebook -

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