Saturday 27 February 2016

Malos Modales - Cronicas Terrestres EP


1. Todo Esta Bien
2. El Mundo Nos Mata
3. Preguntas Insignificantes
4. Cronicas Terrestres

I told you I'd be back with more punk didn't I! Have spent some time this morning going through my e-mails (admittedly I'm a bit behind with them) and found a news e-mail from Drunken Sailor Records mentioning this 7". Malos Modales are a four-piece garage/punk band from Monterrey, Mexico. From what I can gather, this is their second EP following on from a self-titled one in 2014.  That's all I can really bring you in the form of an introduction, as I can't speak Spanish. Cronicas Terrestres was recorded in the band's rehearsal space by the band themselves. 

This has a real 70’s punk vibe going on. Todo Esta Bien is gloriously melodic and hummable. The instrumentation is simple but really effective and the vocals are delivered in the band’s native tongue. They certainly know their way around danceable riffs and song-structures. El Mundo Nos Mata is a perfect example of that if ever there was one. Malos Modales keep things brief on this EP too and that in turn helps their songs to stick in your head. Preguntas Insignificantes makes good use of their garage-punk influences, but it’s not dirty (like that sound can sometimes be) and remains really listenable. The final title-track reaffirms how much fun this EP is. It’s really rare to come across a band that instantly makes you feel good with a brand of inoffensive and clever music. Malos Modales manage this perfectly and beg the question as to why this stuff doesn’t get greater press. I love it and hats off to Drunken Sailor for releasing it. They’ve got a good ear!

You can stream and purchase the EP digitally here:-

You can also choose the option to purchase downloads of Drunken Sailor's entire discography for less than £45. That currently works out at under a £1 per release! Do it.

7's can be purchased here -

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