Monday 15 February 2016

Obduktio - Obduktio


1. Ydinkarki
2. Riivattu Vittusaatana
3. Mafia
4. Pulmapaiva
5. Jumala
6. Kehitysvamma
7. Fantasia
8. Velalliset
9. Nyt Lahtee Halvalla
10. Timecon
11. Kasissamme
12. Eliittikumppani

I wanted to jam something tonight that had some meat on it's bones. Something heavy, fun and something by band I hadn't checked out before. Thank god then for Caligari Records and Finnish band Obduktio. Death metal, black metal, crust, grind and punk all make an appearance on this tape, which was only released in January. Obduktio is a four-piece and has had two previous releases before this self-titled effort. 

I was expecting raw, fast and low-fi noise and that’s exactly what I got on opener Ydinkarki. You can kiss goodbye to your squeaky clean production and your sickly sweet melody as this is as dirty as it gets! Raging punk mixes it up alongside blackened growls and plenty of reverb. They’re fast yet with Riivattu Vittusaatana they manage to incorporate some really great drumming and intricate instrumentation. Both the aforementioned song and Mafia flash past in the blink of eye. Pulmapaiva starts with ringing cymbals that show Obduktio’s crust influence, while there’s a subtle hint of Motorhead too. What’s in the water over in Finland because I want some! Obduktio’s relatively short individual songs are filled out with copious amounts of energy and thrashing instruments. Jumala seems to get faster as the song reaches it’s end, thanks to some crazily infectious blasts. Kehitysvamma is probably the closest that Obduktio gets to hellish black metal. It’s that vocal reverb again! The grinding intensity of Fantasia creates such an enjoyable racket. The crashing cymbals dictate the pace until later on when Obduktio presents a brief sludge/death passage that rules equally as hard. Velalliset slides even further up the speed scale, eschewing any such notions of slow and murky musical atmosphere that may have been brought on by the closing bars of Fantasia. It’s brash and loud, which is just how it should be. The feedback that kicks off Nyt Lahtee Halvalla is piercing to say the least. It gives was to the most maddening song on the tape. Timecon flails between thrash, black/death and grind. It creates the perfect backdrop to out-and-out chaos. In true extreme metal fashion, Obduktio chooses to wait till the penultimate song to bring out the big riffs. Kasissamme is doom/death at it’s best. It’s a welcome change of pace but not only that, it also stands up in it’s own right on the album. The vocals are pure evil while the atmosphere created by the music is spot on. They close out their self-titled record with one final neck-snapping blast in the form of Eliittikumppani. Considering the twelve songs that appear, this tape lasts a relatively short time. Thankfully, that time filled to the brim with extreme metal that leaves no time for boredom. Obduktio has nailed it.

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