Friday 10 April 2015

Ramlord - S/T 7"


1. The Breached Sanctum
2. The Fog Of Neglect

Straddling the Cara Neir link, it seems like the right time to review the latest self-titled 7" from New Hampshire's self-proclaimed "blackstench" band Ramlord. Following on from their split with Nuclear Devastation last year, Ramlord have decided to spread their hatred further! I'll let the record do the rest of the talking for me.

When I first saw the term “blackstench”,  I didn’t expect this. The clean beginnings of The Breached Sanctum took me by surprise. It didn’t take long though for Ramlord to hit their blackened stride! They’re crusty in parts but disturbingly dark in others. Fast and slow dynamics make up the bedrock of their sound. The bass/drum duo that kicks off The Fog Of Neglect is necro as hell, while the time-changes and deep growls pull the song in different directions. Ramlord have presented two squalid tracks of black filth here and damn they’re good!

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