Friday 3 April 2015

Ewige Schlangenkraft - Enlightened Violence Tape


1. Morgenheutegesternwelt
2. All In Image (Vipassana)
3. Predictable Karma Universe
4. Dynamic Homosexuality To Impression Of Unconsciousness
5. The Abject Nothingness Of God's Brain
6. Molesting The Ineffable
7. The Ever-Retreating

This tape surfaced in late 2014. Released by CoF Records and featuring links to Cease To Exist (previously released by CoF on a split with Armour Of Contempt) and Sessoviolento, it allowed Ewige Schlangenkraft to truly announce themselves. The chaotic nature of the aforementioned bands has been transferred into this new entity and with it, the feeling of unease about what is contained on this small plastic musical vessel.

That feeling of unease is palpable as Enlightened Violence opens with Morgenheutegesternwelt. Terrifyingly raw and loud black metal is the order of the day. The atmosphere grows weirder on All In Image (Vipassana), with it’s noise-scapes and possessed screams. Melody isn’t something you’ll hear much of on this tape, in it’s place sits only off-kilter textures and clashes of sound. The songs come in quick succession throughout the tape’s eleven or so minutes. Predictable Karma Universe revolves around the same madness inducing riffs that lead you into a trance eventually. Ewige Schlangenkraft main creative force is their undefinable sound and approach to what can best be described as black metal. They live up to their low-fi reputation on Dynamic Homosexuality To Impression Of Unconsciousness. The feedback that pierces the silence at the start of The Abject Nothingness Of God’s Brain is replaced by equally squalid deep chant-like vocals and screams that sit deep within the thick noise. The only moments of salvation that you get on Enlightened Violence are in the gaps between the songs, albeit short and teasing. Molesting The Ineffable lurches and leans, taking you further away from the light before the final nail is delivered by The Ever-Retreating. This tape is more than just a glimpse into the jilted psyches of it’s members. It’s harrowing and torturous at every turn. Ewige Schlangenkraft are the aural equivalent of the cyanide pill.

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