Friday 10 April 2015

Forced Kill - Hard Death 7"


1. Fastlane To Demise
2. Hard Death

My final review of the evening features a 7" that might have slipped past you. This two-track 7" was part of a triple release from Svart Records, late last year. Finnish thrash-metal band Forced Kill formed in 2008 and released a demo a year later. Since then, they've released a further demo and a compilation, with this EP coming at the back-end of 2014. This seems like the perfect way to end an evening of intense proportions!

Old-school thrash and heavy metal always puts me in a buoyant mood. Finnish thrashers Forced Kill shake me up right away with Fastlane To Demise. It’s just over three-minutes of old-school worship with plenty of glorious virtuoso sweep-picking moments. The title-track is an absolute beast. Anyone who liked the first Noisem LP will feel at home here. The tempo is high and Forced Kill don’t take any prisoners. They pack a huge amount of riff-worthy thrash into this song. Whether you’re old-school or not, you’ll love this!

Stream and download it (name-your-price) from Forced Kill here - 

You can grab the 7" from Svart Records here -

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