Saturday 18 April 2015

Death Kindly Waits For Me - Wires//Iron//Blood


1. Cutting Room Floor
2. Best Friends Just Don't Do That
3. Decade Of War

So this band's name will have you believe that their an occult doom band or a death metal band, but they're not. They're from Northampton and they play post-hardcore. They formed in early 2014 and Wires//Iron//Blood is their first EP (though the coverart says Iron//Wires/Blood). They've definitely been creative with their cover art, as when turned around, the face of the man above turns into the face of a wolf! The UK's record with post-hardcore is a strong one and I a lot of faith in the bands we produce, so I'm looking forward to checking these guys out.

Death Kindly Waits For Me is full of good old English Charm. The vocals are a mix of clean English-accent singing and occasional heavy screams on opener Cutting Room Floor. There’s a bit of a garage-rock feel to the clean vox, while the guitars are melodic and the overall instrumentation is pretty big! As I listen to Best Friends Just Don’t Do That, I’ve just realised who those vocals remind of. Davey Havoc from AFI! That’s the last comparison I’m going to make in this review. This song is an anthem though, even during the introspective passage towards the end that's filled with calm guitar. It undeniable that these guys are solid musicians. Decade Of War is a great slab of alternative rock that only us Brits can muster. When you hear a band producing a debut EP like this, you know that it’s something special. Death Kindly Waits For Me are gonna get big quickly on this showing. 

You can stream Wires//Iron//Blood and pick it up digitally for the princely sum of £2 here:-

Death Kindly Waits For Me Facebook -

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