Monday 6 April 2015

Crow Bait - Separate Stations 7"


1. Separate Stations
2. Gran-Saloon Pt.2
3. Lost & Never Found

It's been a good long-weekend. Went to the first punk show to happen in Harrogate for ages and then got out and about last night with friends. To cap it all off, the sun is shining and all of the lawnmowers have stopped. Perfect opportunity then to check out the recent 7" from Long Island, NY punks Crow Bait. Separate Stations was released in January by Drunken Sailor Records in collaboration with Dirt Cult Records in the US. It's also great because I'm in one of those moods where I don't want to listen to anything too heavy.

I really don’t listen to enough punk. Crow Bait’s rough-around-the-edges melody and country-esque songs are at the calmer end of the spectrum, but that’s fine. Separate Stations is five-minutes of blissful punk with a nod to bands like The Beach Boys, sort of. That nostalgic sound follows through on this 7”s two briefer numbers. Gran-Saloon Pt. 2 is short and sharp, but super catchy too. Crow Bait’s songs never get too fast or angry, but there is an edge to Lost & Never Found. There’s more of a hardcore approach to the vocals, which leads to a grittier atmosphere. To me, Crow Bait and similar bands have much more credence and validity than Green Day and Blink-182 do nowadays. They are more indicative of the DIY/Grassroots punk scene and they should be embraced with open arms.

Stream Separate Stations here:-

You can buy digital downloads or physical copies from Drunken Sailor Records via their bandcamp page above.

If you're In the US, give Dirt Cult Records a shout here -

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