Thursday 9 April 2015

Conquer - A Worm's Demise EP


1. A Worm's Demise
2. Hell's First Born
3. God Is The Destroyer

Death metal seems to be staple of the extreme metal genre in Canada. Conquer, from Oshawa (Ontario) are one of it's latest exponents. Forming late last year and coinciding with the release of their debut EP, A Worm's Demise, Conquer are taking tentative steps having played their first show in March. They're currently working on their debut album so things are looking bright!

Conquer kick off A Worm’s Demise with the title-track, which is mid-paced and full of low-end. The vocals are deep bellows and the drums are frenetic blasts, backed up by grooves during the verses. Conquer’s approach has been spot on in my eyes. They waited until their debut EP was ready before they announced themselves to the world. A lot of bands need to take note! Their death metal is laced with thrash, which raises the heart-rate at times but it’s also sympathetic to the old-school and Conquer don’t rely on modern production touches too much. Hell’s First Born builds on what I just said. Conquer’s sound is pretty encompassing when they hit their noisy best. The wall of guitars that sit behind the vocals contain so much power and the percussion keeps up as well. Even the lead work is classy, without being too showy. They seem to speed up mid-way through the song, which increases their power right up to 11! They up their thrash game on God Is The Destroyer. Religion often takes centre stage in extreme metal, but the song-title does make you feel for those god-fearing types. The semi-clean growls remind me of James Hetfield or Tom Araya at times, which is no bad comparison. Conquer have built a solid foundation with this EP. Three songs in fifteen minutes is well worth the price of entry and this will appeal to a really broad range of heavy and extreme metallers. Good job!

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