Saturday 22 November 2014

Wolvhammer/Krieg - Split 7"

Today's been a pretty frustrating day, as only now (at 7.30pm GMT) am I able to sit and immerse myself in some heavy music. I had been meaning to write a few reviews today but reality bites, so this time is all the more sweet.

Tonight's chosen tonic (apart from a pint of real ale) is this split 7" between USBM institutions Wolvhammer and Krieg. It was released earlier in the year by Broken Limbs Recordings and features two tracks. Much like BLR, both Wolvhammer and Krieg have been very productive in 2014. Wolvhammer released their third full-length as well as tour the US with Mortals amongst others, whilst Krieg managed to find time to release four splits, two EPs and their seventh long-player!


1. Side A - Wolvhammer - Slaves To The Grime
2. Side B - Krieg - Eternal Victim

For this split, Wolvhammer have recorded an alternate version of Slaves To The Grime, which appeared on their 2014 Profound Lore full-length Crawling into Black Sun. The thing I like about Wolvhammer is their ability to weave real groove into their black metal. The riffs on this version of Slaves To The Grime really accentuate that. 

They do harness atmosphere though. They slow their tempos down and then hit back with blast beats, which back up the rasping growls. The melody hidden within the song is subtle and Wolvhammer never allow it to take centre stage. The odd hit of metallic guitar shines through towards the end, leaving crackling feedback.

Krieg follow with a hugely engaging soundstage on Eternal Victim. They sound meatier and while they share some of the mid-paced rhythm with Wolvhammer, they inject it with guitar effects that add urgency and cold blackened images. Song-writing wise, it’s hard to separate both bands due to their extensive experience and instrumental prowess, but for me Krieg hit the spot.

This split is by no means a competition though, as it acts as a bridge for both bands as they move into exciting stages in their evolution. While Krieg are more deeply rooted in USBM and show that twenty years within the scene has helped them to hone their sound and to push themselves forward, Wolvhammer demonstrate the breathe of variation and freedom of thought that exists within black metal. This partnership is as addictive as it is inspiring.

You can stream the whole split via Broken Limbs Recordings here:-

As well as the stream above, you can also purchase a digital download and the limited 7" directly from BLR's bandcamp page. This is well worth your time.

Wolvhammer Facebook -
Krieg Facebook -
Broken Limbs Recordings Facebook -

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