Saturday 29 November 2014

Jotnarr - Divide The Growth And Stone

Another tape I've been slack on is the recent two-track tape from Jotnarr. I reviewed their earlier demo quite a while ago and have had this sitting in my physical review pile staring at me for ages. Released in July, again via Vetala Productions, it's been getting Jotnarr plenty of attention. They've been "band of the day" on the Terrorizer website, been in the magazine itself and they've played alongside Fen as well as one of my fave bands Totem Skin since it's release. Scrolling through the flyers of the gigs they've played, proves that they're pretty hard to classify musically. Best let it do the talking then!


1. A Plague On Earth
2. Relics

What you’re getting here is two tracks of blackened crust essentially. A Plague On Earth is a dirty, low-slung slab of filth with abject screams buried within the instrumentation. There’s no flashy solos or uber-produced effects, just honest noise and tangible despair.

has more ambient melody in it’s ranks. It’s more apparent at the beginning but it then retreats back into the mix. Where A Plague On Earth was more barren and stark, Relics is a variation on a theme that shows a different side to the band. One influenced by harsh screamo and featuring actual catchiness!

Both songs here are the same length bizarrely, but they both represent different things. For band finding their way and their sound, these songs hint at a point in time and an evolution for Jotnarr. Surely and album must be on the way, but for now there’s enough to keep the hunger sated here.

You can stream Divide The Growth And Stone here:-

You can also get it as a pay-what-you-want download there as well.

The physical tapes appear to be sold out from both Jotnarr and Vetala Productions.

Jotnarr Facebook -
Vetala Productions Facebook -

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