Monday 3 November 2014

Nebiros/Nekromanteion - In Commvnio Tenebrae Split 7"

It's Monday night, TV's crap and blasting some South American black/death metal is far more rewarding anyway. The South American duo that share this split are Colombian black metal two-piece Nebiros and their Bolivian brethren Nekromanteion. Released earlier this year by Iron Bonehead Productions, it features one song from each band.

Nebiros have been creating hellish black metal since 1990. They released a number of demos and a full-length up to 1996, after which they took a break. They resurfaced in 2006 and went onto release a number of compilations, splits and two further full-lengths, which brings us up to date. Scrolling through their Facebook page, I noticed their devotion to their fans, as they've posted a lot of pictures of merch collections that were submitted by people.

Nerkomanteion from Bolivia, are a much newer band. They began in 2011 and have so far released a demo and this split. They are much more illusive, with no such presence on Facebook.


1. Nebiros - Yo Pecador
2. Nekromanteion - Occult Revelations

Both bands contribute one song to this split. Nebiros are up first with Yo Pecador. It starts with an acoustic guitar intro that I wasn’t expecting. Things take a turn shortly after and Nebiros lurch into some low-fi black metal. Low-fi might be doing them a disservice, because being a two-piece comes with limitations by Nebiros seem to cope with that extremely well. The drums and vocals are clear, while the guitar provide buzzing melody, while sometimes sounding symphonic. That melody from the lead guitar comes across well towards the end and the Spanish vocals at real bite to the song.

Nekromanteion sound more menacing as Occult Revelations begins. Their black/death begins in simpler fashion with a brooding intro and low-pitched vox. The bells that ring out herald in some raw as hell death metal. Despite their Bolivian roots, Nekromanteion sing in English and their sound is much more akin to that of British bands. They are more frenetic early on, but balance that speed with a groove-laden section mid-way through. There are elements of thrash throughout and they fit perfectly alongside Nebiros here.

It’s great to see a veteran band (if you can call Nebiros that), sharing a split with new-blood and both bands compliment each other here. Fans of underground black/death will enjoy this split and if it opens more people’s ears to these two bands, then it’s gotta be worth it.

Stream this split it all it's unholy glory here -

This split is now sold-out from Iron Bonehead, but you could contact the bands directly via the links below to see if they have copies.

Nebiros Facebook -
Nekromanteion Metal Archives -
Iron Bonehead Productions Facebook -

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