Sunday 30 November 2014

Like Pigs On Embers - Demo 2014

I've got time for one more review this weekend and I thought I'd take a look at a band that contacted me via the blog just last month. Like Pigs On Embers are a hardcore band from the West Coast of France. They released a four track demo digitally in July and asked me to review it.

They're a four-piece who decided to hold off contacting people until they had music recorded and released. They didn't print a thousand t-shirt designs or start a store without a song to their name. That's how it should be. They've played a few shows around France since the demo's release but they remain in background as individuals, which adds an air of mystery.


1. L.P.O.E
2. Roses Are Fading
3. Peaceful Knight
4. Wood Revenge

L.P.O.E starts in noisy fashion with tonnes of feedback before Like Pigs On Embers launch into some heavy hardcore-punk. The vocals are pretty furious, in the vein of Trap Them while the riffs are everywhere. The opener doesn’t reach past two-minutes thanks to the addition of some fast grind. As I eluded to above, this is fast, but it also features the odd sludgy moment like in Roses Are Fading. That extra texture within their music makes things more edgy.

There’s a lot here that people will like, if you like a lot of modern blackened hardcore. Peaceful Knight takes more from the band’s influences, but they stay focused and weave those influences into their songs instead of just apeing them. The band themselves mentioned Ruins as a starting point, which I don’t think is too far wrong. Wood Revenge ends things in great punk style. It’s faster and contains the same energy as the demo's opener did. There are real moments of groove here and the DIY recording doesn’t let them down at all. 

This is fast, loud and short. Like Pigs On Embers sound remarkably focused for such a young band (not in age terms, but length of time together). I’ve always thought that the French scene was a little detached from others in Europe, but there are some great bands there and Like Pigs On Embers are added to that list.

You can stream the first half of the Demo here:-

The demo is only available digitally. You can download both Peaceful Knight and Wood Revenge for free, but if you want the full EP, it's only 3 euros.

Like Pigs On Embers Facebook -

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