Sunday 30 November 2014

The New Tusk - Monster Trucks

The New Tusk has a new EP out, I reviewed their last 7", Mine To Breathe in July and they've just capped off 2014 by releasing a new four-track EP in October called Monster Trucks via Get Into It Records. After yesterday's extended heaviness session, I needed something to ease me into Sunday and to help me forget about the new working week that's peering over my shoulder. Thankfully, The New Tusk play lo-fi punk/indie/emo or as they call it "lo-fi short attention span punk". To be fair, it's about time I featured some more punk on here.


1. Nice Charity
2. Toystory
3. Uncomfort
4. Stones To Make It

Monster Trucks was self-recorded by the band and it’s that DIY energy and dedication that shows through here. Nice Charity features dual shouty-punk vocals and lo-fi indie clean singing. it all sits on top of melodic guitar and a noisy rhythm section. I thought Toystory was going to be about the film. Ah well, you can’t have everything! It’s more laid back than the EP opener and leans more towards the band’s indie sound. It’s got plenty of presence and danceable groove, yet is short and sharp.

The New Tusk have a keen eye for melody. Just listen to the opening riffs on Uncomfort! There’s also a slight hint of goth-rock in the song, especially in the low sung vocals. It kind of reminds me of a cross between The Velvet Underground and Franz Ferdinand in some ways. It’s really hard to pin The New Tusk down to just one genre here. They really mix things up and challenge you. EP closer Stones To Make It carries on along that exact path. It’s hard to put a tag to, which is a good thing, because it shows originality and strong musical ability.

I think that The New Tusk are starting to find their sound and identity and if they carry on like this, they’ll surely grow in stature. I recently read a quote from a big arena-playIng US punk band that read “The problem with modern rock is it’s not modern”. Bands keep taking from each other and try to create new, interesting takes of genres, but few do it properly. The New Tusk are compelling enough to buck that trend.

You can stream Monster Trucks here:-

It's also available as a pay-what-you-want download.

Tape copies can by bought from Get Into It Records here -

The New Tusk Facebook -
Get Into It Records Facebook -

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