Thursday 27 November 2014

Obstacle - S/T EP

Part of what I enjoy so much about writing this blog, is that I'm my own boss (so to speak). I have the freedom to write about stuff when I want to write about it. That's not to say that I don't take it seriously, it's just like many of the bands I review, I have a life outside of this. I'd love to spend more time on it but work, friends and family also get my attention. There's a point to this, believe me!

Music is freedom. Being in and touring with a band is freedom. Obstacle are a band discovering that freedom for themselves. These four lads from Ireland released their self-titled EP this July through new UK label Footloose Records and it's already helped them to get support slots with Madball, amongst others.


1. Intro
2. Certain Death
3. Terraforming
4. Nothing
5. The Fissure
6. Malaise
7. Monarchy
8. Revulsion

Ireland has been on the map for a while thanks to it’s ability to spit out scathing, heavy bands. Bands like Crows and Altar Of Plagues (RIP) have helped to shape it and more recent arrivals like Raum Kingdom have done it’s reputation no harm at all. Obstacle’s metallic hardcore gets an airing straight away in the brief intro, before they launch into Certain Death. The religious sample at the start rallies against rock music, but thankfully Obstacle don’t take it to heart. Their brand of hardcore is energetic and full of stomp, especially on Terraforming, with the vocals leaning towards powerviolence-esque screams. 

Nothing is an interlude featuring a haunting sample with another religious slant to it. Religion seems to the theme running through the band’s S/T EP. The Fissure is brimming with pounding drums, cymbal crashes and high-pitched guitar harmonics. The second half of the song bleeds into sludge territory. Malaise has a real skate-punk feel to it thanks to it’s up-beat tempo. It’s also one of the maddest songs on the entire EP. That chaos follows immediately with penultimate song Monarchy. Closing song Revulsion is the only number that nudges passed two-minutes and it’s were the band’s crossover appeal really breaks loose. It’s just damn good punk that doesn’t let up. 

You can download the EP free directly from Obstacle here -

Tape copies can be purchased from Footloose Records via their store here -

Obstacle Facebook -
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