Wednesday 5 November 2014

Dakhma - Ungeziefer EP

Fireworks night doesn't grab me much anymore. The thought if standing outside during a typically cold British winter evening isn't my idea of fun, mainly because it usually rains. So, instead of that I have a new and special stream to keep myself and other sensible people warm. This is the debut EP from San Fran hardcore two-piece Dakhma.

Unlike most modern bands, Dakhma chose to join the rat-race (in social media terms anyway), once they actually had music to offer people. They released their five song demo in August and later self-released it on tape and cd, so they had something to sell at gigs. Talking of shows, one of their first gigs happened to be a house show with Leeds' (UK) very own punks Nu, pogodi! in Oakland (Cali) and there's the small matter of a show with ACxDC later this month too.


1. Left // Right
2. Waste
3. Exordium
4. Through The Cockroach
5. Caustic Existence

Dakhma are fast and loud. Seems like a simple statement, but that’s the point. Straight from the off, Dakhma know what they’re going for with EP opener Left // Right. Heavy guitar, breakneck drumming and dual-vocals with an old-school feel. Like Lifes, whom I featured a little while ago, Dakhma smash it!

Waste lasts barely twenty-seconds but is still technical enough to lessen the blur of the duo at full speed. Talking of technical, Exordium features some flourishes of metal inspired sweep-picking during the intro and it’s here where Dakhma’s doom influences take root. Low-slung riffs and a complete change in pace replace the grind that has so far made up Ungeziefer, leaving you with speakers full of feedback and dank atmospherics.

They go full-force punk during Through The Cockroach with pogo-inducing rhythms, off-kilter time signatures and double bass. EP closer Caustic Existence is an insane ending. There’s more doomy sections that make use of the production, which I think really adds to Dakhma’s appeal by not being too clean and instead allowing them to sound really fresh.

The lines between sub-genres are becoming more blurred than ever now, but at end of the day they’re really just words. What matters is the music itself and how it makes you feel. Dakhma clearly hold that latter musing to heart, because Ungeziefer is full of energy and enthusiasm, which you’ll feel once you’ve spun it a few times.

Dakhma have kindly given me permission to carry a stream of Ungeziefer on my bandcamp page, so check it out below - 

If you dig it, head over to their bandcamp page and pick it up as  a name-your-price download or on tape/cd -

Dakhma Facebook -

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