Saturday 31 March 2012

Wake The Dead - Meaningless Expectations

This is another one of the new Lockjaw Records releases that has surfaced recently. Wake The Dead are from Marseille and play modern, melodic hardcore. Meaningless Expectations is their newest release, which is out on sumptuous 10" vinyl.


1. Mon Rave Familier
2. Reaching The Sky
3. Bathed in Shadows
4 Sweet Words Fuck Your Throat
5. The Feeling Inside
6. As Swallows

Mon Rave Familier starts with a great clean guitar intro before Wake The Dead's brilliant melodic hardcore kicks in. They don't favour out and out brutality, instead going for tunefulness to compliment the screaming vocals and brilliant gang vox that make their sound so rousing!

There are some great punk influences in the song, especially towards the end where the drums and guitars pick up pace and bounce along, causing your head to bob furiously. Reaching The Sky has some No Turning Back influences to it, but is still very original. The vocals on this song seem a more angry and emotional, and you get a sense of vocalist Jeff’s veins wanting to pop out, when he's spitting out those lyrics.

Wake The Dead are very skilled musicians. The songs are frenetic and each have their own identity, for example, Bathed in Shadows has some great breakdowns that intersperse with some really clever, subtle progressive riffs and the rhythm section is equally as strong.

The songs are short and sweet and contain enough ideas and energy to keep you hooked. It's also great to hear a French hardcore band who don't just go for the throat with constant breakdowns and pummeling double bass, instead borrowing from the emo/screamo scene and as a result making their music sound heavier, without actually being so. Fifth song The Feeling Inside, being a perfect example of this.

The production of the record is really good as well. It's clear and precise with nothing out of place and all the instruments, vocals well balanced, which heightens the experience. Wake The Dead are on to a winning formula here. They are going to appeal to a wide range of metal/hardcore fans if this is anything to go by, and I'm certainly hooked!

So if you want to hear what Wake The Dead have to offer, you can listen to this whole record via their Bandcamp page, which I've handily posted below:-

You can also visit them on Facebook at and also visit Lockjaw records if you like what you hear, and order the record for yourselves at

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