Thursday 8 March 2012

Sutekh Hexen - Larvae

I thought I'd get myself in the mood for this weekends hardcore reviewing, listening session I've got planned by reviewing something, and what better way to start that with Sutekh Hexen's latest LP, Larvae.

To me, Sutekh Hexen are one of those mysterious bands that make you more curios about them as they tear along, on a sonic trajectory that breeds respect and reverence, all in one shot.

Track listing:-

A1. Isvar Savasana 
A2. Lead Us In Warfare 
B.   Let There Be Light
Isvar Savasana begins with eerie intro that slowly builds with an unease that makes you wonder what’s coming. There are strange sounds and effects nestling underneath the plucked guitars and strings that make up the slow building first track.

The song bursts into life, with what is a cross between white noise and layered, whispered screams, which adds to the unease, before the song kicks in with jarring, unnerving screams over the top of the noise. There are no drums as such, pinning down the music; it's left to the building and fading effects to tell the story here.

It's very much experimental and very hard to categorise, not that Sutekh Hexen want to be categorised. The production also add to the feeling of unease, by merging all of the different sounds together, into a whole that could drive some listeners away. This is not meant to be easy listening; it's harsh noise with bite and bile!

Lead Us In Warfare begins with building, fuzzy guitar and bass. More screams can be heard within the mix, this time more audible but no less disconcerting. I can imagine that their music would be a wholly otherworldly experience in a live setting.

Let There Be Light is the third and final song on Larvae, clocking in at around fifteen minutes. It still has the borrowing noise at it's heart, but the addition of some calming, cleanly plucked acoustic guitar adds a sense of light, trying to peer through the darkest of clouds. The whispered, spoken word adding a haunting element to proceedings. The song meanders along at a slow pace, luring you into a false sense of calm and reflectiveness. There's almost medieval sense of melody to the guitar that moves along, quietly.

The final burst of feedback ridden noise, swathes over you like a suffocating cloak, entrapping your senses in a ever closing circle of despair and frailty, before slowly fading to leave you in a trance ridden state of flux between reality and nightmare.

This is my first introduction to Sutekh Hexen and I'm certainly intrigued by their creativeness and lack of wanting to follow the flock. I'm not sure what to say about this record and indeed Sutekh Hexen in closing, other than this record has to be listened to and appreciated on it's own and not compared to anything that's come before it. It's a unique, evolving beast that cares for no man!

The LP is already sold out, but you can pick up a CD version through Handmade Birds at

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