Saturday 24 March 2012

Hungry Lungs - S/T 7"

So, this is the third 7" review I've done in recent weeks, on records released by Kent based label Parade Of Spectres, as well as five other labels from around the world, who collaborated to get this release out to a wider audience.

Hungry Lungs are a 5-piece hardcore band from Germany and this is their first 7" vinyl release, after the demo cassette they released in 2009. The first thing I was drawn to with this release was quality of the artwork. The gold on black finish giving the packaging a real sense of quality and the record itself, looking great in gold.


Side A

The Heaviest of All Weights

Side B


Opener Koerperjuenger, sees Hungry Lungs spill forth with a wall of rage, channeled through their instruments and some intense screaming. This is brutal, jarring stuff but it does have some real subtle qualities, like it's pace changes and some really good guitar melodies that creep through.

The Heaviest of All Worlds is exactly as the title suggests. The pace is more measured than their opener, but the song is no less chaotic and it breaks with a squeal of ringing feedback, before a brief, spoke word sample breaks up the chaos. The song then launches back into life and batters you once more with a quick flourish of abrasive, hardcore.

Philister on side B, is a bit of a different beast. What start like the songs that have come before, morphs into a slower, broodier piece with some great doom inspired riffs that finish this 7" off in style.

This is the first time I have been exposed to Hungry Lungs and their brand or hardcore, but It's safe to say I'm sold. They are another positive addition to the string of great hardcore bands that are currently rising up from the  underground in Germany. Along with bands like Planks and Lentic Waters, I think you'll agree that there is more great stuff to come from the German scene, and I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!

You can hear the records opener on Hungry Lungs bandcamp page here:-

If you want to hear more of this 7", you may still be able to pick a copy up from the following labels:-

Parade of Spectres -
React With Protest -
Contraszt Records -
Win Htein -
Farblos Records -

If however, you can't get a copy of the record, Hungry Lungs are offering it as a free download on their Facebook page at

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