Saturday 31 March 2012

Harrogate - My scene part 2

OK, so this marks the second part of my look into the metal/punk scene in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, where I currently reside. The first part was posted a few weeks back now, and featured some of the more notable bands to come out of Harrogate and begin making an impact.

This part delves deeper into the scene and looks at some of the emerging bands and the people that make things happen.

I'll start with Slaughterhead. These guys play death/thrash metal and feature members of Drowned In Flames, who were featured in the first part of this feature, as well as local punk bands Fuck With Fire and Ericbana, who I'm featuring a little later.

There hasn't been anything released by Slaughterhead yet, as far as I'm aware but they have posted some demo tracks and teasers of on Youtube, from demo songs they recorded last year. I've posted one below for you to check out.

Slaughterhead's Facebook page is

That brings me onto Fuck With Fire.

Fuck With Fire have probably been one of the most active punk bands in the local area. They've released several records, including splits with other notable punk bands like You, Me and the Atom Bomb and they've got a great live reputation, thanks to shows alongside the likes of Off With Their Heads and jaunts around Europe. More recently, members have surfaced in another great Harrogate punk band called Little Drafts.

Little Drafts started out as a solo project by the vocalist from Fuck With Fire, but has since turned into a full band, and they've started recording their first release. I been lucky enough to see Little Drafts in both forms, and I'm really excited by what's coming from them as their recording progresses.

You can keep up to date at

The hardcore end of the scene in Harrogate has been pretty much propped up by Ericbana. They've featured and feature members from many local acts including Slaughterhead and Fuck With Fire. They've been another band who have go out and about, playing alongside Leeds band The Plight and touring with Rash Decision, who they also released a split CD with, amongst others. They also feature members of the hardcore collective North Yorkshire Hardcore, who have been bringing punk and hardcore bands to Harrogate for over ten years now.

I saw them in February alongside Little Drafts, Sheffield punks Dry Heaves and Eagleburner. It was a great gig and it's what inspired me to do this feature!

As I was saying, NYHC is a collective that have been putting on shows in Harrogate for over ten years. In that time they've booked shows and tours with some great punk/hardcore bands including, End Reign from Durham, who are one the UK's most exciting hardcore bands at the moment and bands from further afield like Dutch band This Routine Is Hell and Belgian bruisers Sunpower. Details of the next gig are below:-

North Yorkshire Hardcore also have a Facebook page at

This brings me onto the more extreme end of the metal spectrum, starting with a fairly new Power-violence band called N.A.A. These guys released a couple of early demo track in digital form in the middle of last year which are well worth checking out. They've been through some line-up changes but are looking to record a demo, so keep an eye on them on Facebook at

This then leads me into the mysterious beast that is Glorious North Productions. This label was set up to release records by black metal and ambient bands and also to act as a distributor for hard to get hold of releases from across the globe.

GNP is very much independent from the rest of the scene in Harrogate, especially as it focuses on a very extreme end of the metal genre, but it's certainly well worth checking out their releases.

I will be reviewing a couple of their releases shortly, but in the meantime you can find out more by going to You can also hook up with them via Facebook at

So there you have it, it's not an exhaustive look at what Harrogate has to offer and there may be a third installment, but for now, check out these bands, labels and look out for shows happening, as you might be surprised!

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