Saturday 17 March 2012

Hexis - X 7"

This is the my second Parade Of Spectres release review. This time on the new seven inch from Hexis, who are a four piece extreme metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. This was a five way split label release by PandaBanda Records, IFB Records, Maximum Douglas Records, Orchid Scent Records and of course Parade Of Spectres.

The seven inch is packaged with a haunting cover featuring the inside of a grand church, in black and white. The record itself  is a one sided black vinyl.


1. Evinco
2. Aspernatio
3. Procella

Evinco starts with an all-encompassing guitar sound, slow in pace but high in volume. They use wailing feedback before they pick up the pace and unleash their full stride; with that incredible guitar sound and fever pitched growls and tortured screams. Aspernatio is a lot faster. The black metal inspired riffs, providing the base for a destructive piece of extreme metal. Again the vocals are menacing, and sit nicely in the mix, not overpowering the music but high enough to be heard over the wall of sound created by the rest of the band. Third track Procella is the shortest track of the three, and it again demonstrates their black metal influence. The guitars this time appearing to have more melody, and the crashing symbols in the background adding more chaos to a record that merely wets the appetite for more.

The impact is short and sharp, which is good, as Hexis clearly don't believe is messing around. That mixture of black metal, hardcore and screamo fills your ears as soon as you press play and makes your senses work overtime for the five or so minutes that this record last for. It shows a band following their own blueprint and not someone else's and makes a nice change from the industrial metal that is more commonly associated with Denmark.
This is caustic, noisy but intricate stuff and demands repeat listens for you to take it all in. Hexis are due to unleash more material later in the year, so keep you're eyes peeled.

To here this record for yourself, go to Hexis' bandcamp page below:-

If you like what you hear, you may still be able to pick copies of the seven inch up from these labels -

Parade of Spectres -
IFB Records -
Panda Banda Records -
Maximum Douglas Records -
Orchidscent Records -

Also head over to Hexis' Facebook page at

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