Sunday 25 March 2012

Kicking Spit - Reality Dropout Tape

My second review is on the Reality Dropout tape by Kicking Spit. They are a rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The song Reality Dropout is the single from their Negative Feedback LP, which is due to be released shortly.


1. Reality Dropout
2. Gone

Reality Dropout is surprisingly melodic and Kicking Spit's rock n roll influenced sound is really refreshing. It's got cool, old school punk undertones. The solos are rocking and the wailing feedback adds to the sense of a band going back in time,
to when rock was fun-fuelled and care-free.

Second song Gone is a bit thrashier and the driving guitars mean business. The garage punk sound is pretty evident in the vocals, but the metal influences do shine through in the music. If you want something different and are sick of the more brutal than thou stuff, you could do a lot worse than listen to Kicking Spit. This is rip-roaring stuff and not something that's being done a lot right now by other bands, so that would make Kicking Spit trailblazers!

Like the Obsessor tape before it, Reality Dropout goes by too quickly. You want to get immersed in some good time rock n roll, but it's over too quickly, so you'll just have to keep it on repeat until the LP arrives!

You can also hear this tape on the Tankcrimes website or below:-

This cassette is also available for download or on physical tapes from Tankcrimes at and Kicking Spit is on Facebook at

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