Thursday 2 March 2017

Widows - Oh Deer God


1. Oh Deer God
2. Caffeine And Hatred
3. Heresy And Venom
4. Blue Tina
5. Ride To The Realm Of Coitus
6. Baron Greenback Blues
7. Germanium Buzz

Nottingham stoner/metal band Widows are due to release their second full-length, "Oh Deer God" on April 14th via UMC Recordings (for whom I'm unable to locate any information). The British quartet formed in 2008 and have so far released an EP and a full-length titled "Death Valley Duchess". They even played the first edition of Desertfest alongside Corrosion of Conformity and the UK's own Orange Goblin. The launch for "Oh Deer God" takes place on April 14th at Rough Trade in Nottingham.

Widows plays a rock-laden take on stoner with plenty of groove. Oh Deer God features downtuned riffs and subtle hardcore influences. They break into some great Kyuss-influenced riffs mid-way through that are infused with psychedelic vocals effects. Following the album opener is the grinding, fast Caffeine And Hatred, showing that Widows don’t care for genre conventions too much. It’s a good change of pace. Heresy And Venom bares the name of two punk/heavy metal legends and delivers a short burst of high-octane groove. Blue Tina takes Sabbathian riffs and mixes them with a more modern sound. The nods to the old-school are obvious while the tempos call sweaty pub backrooms their home. The heaviest hit on “Oh Deer God” comes in the form of Ride To The Realm Of Coitus. Those opening riffs are huge and if you listen to a lot of doom, you’ll be hooked on them. What follows is pretty blinding too, though more melodic and hazy than the intro would have you expect. Baron Greenback Blues is indeed bluesy and swimming in all manner of alcohol infused creations. It’s urgency and punch make it impossible to sit still through. For a dose of alternative reality, closing song Germanium Buzz is like wondering into a dark basement jazz club on an open mic night. I can just see Widows up on stage in white suits and fedoras, at least until I’m brought crashing back down to earth as they kick-out the jams one last time. The rousing outro and abrupt end to the song completes a record that’s a varied as it is familiar. Widows have a done a great job and both instrumentation and vocals are equally memorable. “Oh Deer God” will be released on both cd and vinyl.

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