Tuesday 28 February 2017

Fragile Things - Broken Sun EP


1. The Enemy Is I
2. Open Cage
2. Broken Sun
4. So Cold

I've always had a love/hate relationship with hard rock. On the one hand I love bands like Alter Bridge, Silvertide and Crobot, but aside from those bands and a couple of others, I think it all kinda sounds the same. I was drawn to UK band Fragile Things because they share a love of a couple of the above mentioned bands. Their debut EP "Broken Sun" was released in February, so is still pretty fresh. They're also recently announced a main-stage festival slot at Amplified Open Air (Gloucestershire) alongside Puddle Of Mudd and Trapt, amongst others. 

EP opener The Enemy Is I is a solid slab of rock with strong vocals and lead work. In fact all of the musicianship here is of a high standard, though that comes as no big surprise when you consider that Fragile Things contains ex-members of UK rockers Heaven’s Basement amongst others. Open Cage is high-octane and while my choice of language in this review may seem cliched, at least the energy that’s put across by the band is not. Melodic and powerful makes for a good first impression. The title-track from the EP definitely reminds me of Silvertide in certain ways, maybe it’s because of the opening riffs. It’s also got a really catchy chorus that will get crowds singing along to it at gigs. So Cold is the kind of song a bands writes and plays when they’re on top form and I think Fragile Things may have hit their stride good and proper here. It’s punchy and confident, which is all you can ask for. I spent so long surrounding myself with extreme metal and punk that hard rock hasn’t really had a look in recently. I’m still not sold on much of it, but Fragile Things are decent and will get even better as they progress and release more music. 

You can stream and download the title-track below:-

Fragile Things Website - https://www.fragilethingsofficial.com
Fragile Things Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fragilethingsofficial/

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