Monday 6 February 2017

Razor Sharp Death Blizzard - You Will Burn


1. You Will Burn
2. Christian Sun
3. Rat In A Cage
4. There Will Be Blood
5. Meet Your Maker
6. Right Wing Scum
7. Dead Mans Eyes
8. Defstein
9. Have A Nice Day

Tonight's musical accompaniment comes from Scottish punks Razor Sharp Death Blizzard. This noisy, anti-establishment quartet formed out of a couple of metal/punk bands (Ridgeback and Swellbellys) in 2014 and after digitally releasing a couple of singles and a an EP "Riot, Revolt, Revolution!" (also on cd) in 2015, they released their debut album in November of 2016. They describe themselves as noisy anarcho-punk, with nods to bands like The Exploited and Dead Kennedy's. 

“You Will Burn” features nine rage-filled punk songs. Opening with the title-track, you’re greeted by what sounds like weird symphony of didgeridoos before RSDB’s hardcore-infused punk kicks in properly. You can definitely hear the metal-influence of their previous endeavours on record. Harsh screamed vox, thrash-laden drumming and driving riffs make this a loud one. I hope that Christian Sun is indeed a song aimed squarely at religious bigots. It certainly contains the right level of anger. The momentum created by that anger is quelled slightly by the brief pauses between songs, but as soon as Rat In Cage begins, all is forgotten. That thrash influence comes through even more during this song too. It’s pure headbanging stuff. RSDB injects a ton of atmosphere into There Will Be Blood and it’s the first time they use semi-clean singing too. Okay so it’s not purely melodic, which is a good thing but it does provide more variety. The contrast between it and the screams proves that RSDB are basing themselves on the old-school punk and metal bands that have influenced so many. The solo they throw in ain’t bad either! They switch the pace up with the grinding/gnarly Meet Your Maker, which also features plenty of off-kilter loveliness. They get even more progressive on Right Wing Scum, which is a near-seven minute song about, well…right wing scum. I have to admit that I prefer their songs like Dead Mans Eyes. It’s more too the point and I think it suits their style better, but that’s just my opinion (and you know what they say about them!). Defstein is another full-scale thrash song complete with gang-vocals and mammoth choruses. They prove they’ve got a good sense humour too by ending the album with a song called Have A Nice Day. Good tongue-in cheek sarcasm makes it all better. Joking aside, it’s a strong song to end on. Elements of metal, punk and sludge all converge to make it a rousing send off for RSDB and “You Will Burn”. I couldn’t really hear a great deal of the anarcho-punk influence in the album, but what I did hear was a band playing what they want, for themselves. There are actually some similarities between them and Raging Speedhorn, whom I reviewed over the weekend, which is no bad thing. “You Will Burn” is a strong and well-played debut album and Razor Sharp Death Blizzard is a name you’ll remember for sure. 

Stream "You Will Burn" and purchase it both digitally and on cd below:-

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