Monday 20 February 2017

Recollection - Nick (The Communion/Crisis Actor/Mouth Of Maggots/Tunnel Nun)

This instalment of "Recollection" is as close to how I envisaged the feature being when I came up with it. The original idea was for people to talk about their favourite record, but flexibility and compromise has meant that it's turned into a top-ten kinda thing (which, was no bad thing in the end and I'm really proud of how it's turned out and those who have contributed so far). Nick does vocals in US grind/PV band The Communion, as well as Crisis Actor, Mouth Of Maggots and Tunnel Nun.

Papercut Homicide - "From Filth Comes Grace" (Retribute Records, 2003)
As I comb through my CD collection, i find a lot of my personal favorites come from the "one-and-done" category; bands that have but a sole release to their credit. Koreisch, Wake Up On Fire, Biovore, Icepick Revival, Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity, Garuda, and the subject of this review, the U.K.'s Papercut Homicide. 
I was introduced to Papercut Homicide shortly after joining The Communion in 2004. Our guitarists Lee Altomare (R.I.P.) and Billy Groody talked up their solitary record "From Filth Comes Grace" quite a bit, and i became instantly hooked on this caustically bizarre grind/sludge hybrid that was equal parts Acid Bath's "When The Kite String" Pops and Pig Destroyer's "Prowler in the Yard", with little deviations into Cryptopsy's "None So Vile" and Today Is The Day's "Willpower', all bound up in an aesthetic presentation that echoed Eyehategod and Iron Monkey's penchant for schizo-collage artwork and top-of-the-paint-fumed-head automatic lyricism. In short; everything i wanted and continue to want. 
on "From Filth Comes Grace", Papercut Homicide isn't merely talking about states of frustration and anxiousness, but adapting the visceral impact of those states into a creative medium. What would in less skilled hands be merely be an vaporous echo becomes a billowing scream all its own; a corporeal reaction that incites and inspires others to follow what it does and not what it says. Despite Papercut Homicide's obscurity, similar strains of transgression from underground norms can be noticed in contemporary acts such as Endon, Full of Hell, Gas Chamber, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Column of Heaven, Psudoku, Iron Lung, and others. Any fans of the aforementioned may find a lot to like in Papercut Homicide. 
Not much information seems to be out there regarding Papercut Homicide. There's the obligatory Metal Archives page, some YouTube uploads of "From Filth Comes Grace tracks", and a less-than-stellar review/ramble from early 2000s blog Aversion Online. The lack of coverage only serves to infuse From Filth Comes Grace with even further cryptic mystery, like finding a violent porn magazine crumbled in the woods, or an unmarked video tape in a flea market that looks to be part of a deplorable's home movie collection. I think that suits it well. 
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