Saturday 4 February 2017

Raging Speedhorn - Lost Ritual


1. Bring Out Your Dead
2. Halfway To Hell
3. Motorhead
4. Evil Or Mental
5. Ten Of Swords
6. Dogshit Blues
7. The Hangman
8. Shit Outta Luck
9. Comin' Home
10. Unleash The Serpent

As much as people malign Crowdfunding, it does have the ability to bring artists and fans together. The story of Raging Speedhorn's return with "Lost Ritual" is a prime example. The British sextet announced they were going to release a new album and tour in 2016 and launched a Crowdfunding campaign so they could record and self-release their album. Needless to say the response was huge and the album sold out on both cd and vinyl. They are one band that has done it for the right reasons and through the live dates they've played and are due to play, they have thanked their fans in the best way possible and reignited a fire that many though had burned out. "Lost Ritual" was released in July 2016.

There’s a huge burst of nostalgia flowing as Bring Out Your Dead begins. Alongside Orange Goblin, Taint, Charger and the like, Raging Speedhorn helped the UK become a force to be reckoned with over a decade ago and here they show both old and new listeners why. The groove is back on Halfway To Hell and the song could well be the natural sequel to Me And You Man. It’s heavy, feedback-ridden outro takes no prisoners. Their nod to the UK heavy metal greats takes the torch and keeps it burning. Motorhead is pure dirty rock n roll worship. The stoner/doom vibe is alive and well on Evil Or Mental. Speedhorn certainly haven’t forgotten how to write memorable songs. The slower tempo takes a real hold during Ten Of Swords. The menacing evil that’s abound it the music goes up a notch. The riffs during the second half will stick in your head for days afterwards too. Dogshit Blues contains no blues to speak of but does contain load of contempt and hatred. It’s glorious and belligerent in it’s delivery. The mix of fast and slower tempo songs provides plenty of variation and proves why Speedhorn have been so revered over the years. The Hangman crawls through nearly five-minutes of downtuned riffmanship and is all the better for it. Following it is Shit Outta Luck, the fastest song on “Lost Ritual” and the one that turns the downtrodden into the aggressors. No sums up the album better than Comin’ Home for me. It seems like it was written to be Speedhorn’s home coming song, if ever they needed one. The lumbering finale of Unleash The Serpent rounds out the record perfectly. Bass-heavy doom, semi-whispered vocals dual-shouts drag the atmosphere down and show that they’re not averse to the occult. It’s an unexpected end to the record but not at all out of place. “Lost Ritual” is the blueprint for modern UK heavy bands to follow. Blistering. Don’t call this a comeback.

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