Monday 13 February 2017

Vimur - Exegesis 12" EP


1. Memory Of Heathen Reign
2. The Pernicious Doctrine
3. The Age Of Satan

I reviewed Traversing The Ethereal Current by Atlanta, Georgia's Vimur last January and couldn't pass up the opportunity to review their latest EP (even though my write-up's a little late). This three-song 12" was released last September by Boris Records. According to the Boris Records bandcamp page this is the first recording to feature Vimur's full live line-up. US black metal with a 7-string guitar. Should be heavy!

Vimur’s take on black metal has always been featured a hint or two of death metal and the opener of “Exegesis”, Memory of Heathen Reign is no different. It’s fast and raw, with plenty of melody from the raging guitar riffs and a battery of hellish percussion blasts for good measure. It’s pretty catchy in a disturbing way, while the vocals consist of blood curdling screams and growls. There’s a fine amount of progression within the song, but it competes will the old-school as well so you get the best of both worlds. Vimur’s furious black metal template is more suited to The Pernicious Doctrine, though the quieter moments temper the aggression but they don’t last too long with the band preferring to fly off in sixth gear for the song’s remainder. That approach continues on third and final song The Age Of Satan. The dual-guitar harmonies are perfect and it all sounds like the band were brought up on Celtic Frost and devil worshipping (though the latter has become a bit of a cliche in recent times). This is glorious from start to end. We live in consistently uncertain times now but what is certain is that every day, there’s a new killer record or band to listen to. It just so happens that today it’’s the turn of Vimur.

Stream and grab "Exegesis" digitally or on vinyl via Boris Records below:-

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