Tuesday 28 March 2017

Recollection Part 2 - Nick (The Communion/Crisis Actor/Mouth Of Maggots/Tunnel Nun)

About a month ago, I posted up an article by Nick from The Communion, where he talked about his favourite record of all time. Since that post went up, he's written back to me with a top-ten that he calls "Top Ten Records You've Never Heard But Should". So without further ado here's the list  and apologies for the delay in publishing it.

Anal Birth - “Mutilated Infant”
I don't go to parties often, but when i do i make sure my Anal Birth t-shirt is pressed and ready for the shindig. On a serious note: Adam Rotella is the only musician on Long Island that matters.

Visceral Evisceration - “Incessant Desire For Palatable Flesh”
Gothic Death Metal in the vein of Paradise Lost, Tiamat, and the like.... only about literally cutting up and eating human vaginas.

Brobdingnagian - “TortureStainedDisaster” 
Black noise sludge mutants. Makes Burmese sound well adjusted and emotionally considerate. 

Brute Chant - “Killer Each Of You” 
A must for fans of surrealistic progressive death metal ala Demilich, Pyrrhon, Artificial Brain, Pillory, Disharmonic Orchestra, and the like.

Desalvo - “Mood Poisoner”
The greatest AmRep release not released by AmRep. 

Undinism - “Born With An Erection” 
Mondo perverse grindcore from the world's greatest grind community; Australia. 

Cut Your Throat - “S/T” 
Unspeakably vicious grind from Greece. 

Thoughts Of Ionesco - “A Skin Historic” 
90s hardcore taken to the kind of depths of pure intensity only found on the heaviest moments of Swans first few releases. 

Kickback - “No Surrender” 
I've heard fewer records more violently discomforting than this, especially in the "dark hardcore" subgenre. 

Born Without A Face - “Worship” 
The embodiment of the transition between DRI's crossover and Rorschach's metalcore. 

Thanks again to Nick for sending this list in. I'm definitely going to check these recommendations out. Links to his bands are below:-

The Communion Bandcamp - https://thecommunion.bandcamp.com/
Mouth Of Maggots Bandcamp - https://maggotsmaggotsmaggots.bandcamp.com/
Tunnel Nun Bandcamp - https://tunnelnun.bandcamp.com/

The Communion Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/THE-COMMUNION
Tunnel Nun Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TUNNEL-NUN

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