Saturday 18 March 2017

Lago/Calm Hatchery - Split 7"


1. Lago - Dominion
2. Calm Hatchery - Distant Pulsation

Went to a beer festival last night and I'm surprisingly okay today. Okay enough to keep plugging away on here in fact. Even if I wasn't, this two-song/two-band slice of 7" brutality would more than wake me up. It was released in December via Battleground Records and Selfmadegod records and features Arizona's Lago and Poland's Calm Hatchery. An unholy duo of US/European death metal it is then!

Lago’s song Dominion is full of atmosphere, which permeates in between the hellish blasts in the opening bars. It’s followed by an utterly barbaric (in a good way) turn of pace and enough menacing guitar melody to back up the deep growls. Typically US in style but not cliched or thin sounding. The production job makes it sound massive. The twin-guitar harmonies late on bring a modern edge to the song and temper the extremity. All in all, I want to hear more from this band. Calm Hatchery are very much kindred spirits on here and their song Distant Pulsation keeps the energy high, while there’s a hint to some of their fellow countrymen in their too. Screaming guitar solos and straight-up neck snapping brutality that doesn’t seem to give in. It’s great to hear the different approaches of both bands on here and it makes you realise that subtle differences actually make a big difference. Both Lago and Calm Hatchery provide tantalising glimpses into their musical minds and future progression. Great split.

You can stream Lago's Dominion and grab the split directly from them here:-

Likewise with Calm Hatchery's Distant Pulsation below:-

The 7" is also available from the labels below:-

Battleground Records -
Selfmadegod Records -

Lago Facebook -
Calm Hatchery Facebook -
Battleground Records Facebook -
Selfmadegod Records Facebook -

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