Thursday 30 March 2017

Narthraal - Chainsaw Killing Spree EP


1. Million Graves To Fill
2. Descent Into Darkness

Iceland is quickly becoming more prolific than both Sweden and Norway when it comes to killer death/black metal bands. It's hard though to push aside the influence that both of those countries still have. One band that takes their cues from Swedish death metal is Reykjavik's Narthraal. Forming in 2012, they self-released their first EP "Blood Citadel" in 2014 via CD and bandcamp and then two years later, along came "Chainsaw Killing Spree" via Finnish label Inverse Records on CD and digitally. Their stock is currently rising and their debut album will be released later this year, so this will hopefully get you in the mood for that!

Death metal has gone through so many iterations over the years but the sound and influence of Swedeath still draws listeners in like weary sailors to sultry sirens. Narthraal’s take on the sub-genre is one of raw, old-school depth. Million Graves To Fill is a stark song-title and the song. There’s a hidden groove and a subtle hint of modernity flowing through the song too, so it’s more than approachable. Thrash metal’s thrown into the melting pot on Descent Into Darkness too. Narthraal don’t restrict themselves to a rigid blueprint, which is pleasing to hear in band that’s still fairly new. “Chainsaw Killing Spree” is an exciting glimpse into what their debut full-length will sound like, which will no doubt bring them new fans. They might not be the darkest of gloomiest band to come out of Iceland, but they’re definitely on to something and they will only get better. 

You can stream and purchase "Chainsaw Killing Spree" below:-

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