Wednesday 29 March 2017

Heavy Baby Sea Slugs - Teenage Graveyard Party EP


1. King Midas Of Shit
2. Teenage Graveyard Party
3, Pit Bait
4. Zero-One

It's that time of week again. It's time to get weird! This is the new EP from Texan sludge/punk band Heavy Baby Sea Slugs, which was released in January (I've also been sent a heads up about their earlier 7", so will give that a listen soon). I know little about the band but this released by Heavy Baby Records and they recently completed a tour of Japan and Taiwan. They've also previously released three full-length's. The cover art for the EP is pretty rad too. 

"Teenage Graveyard Party" starts with a typically old-Western guitar intro on King Midas Of Shit. What follows is some fast and noisy punk. It’s definitely loud and the mix of punk and sludge makes for some stark changes in pace. On the title-track they go a bit surf-punk with a slow tempo, way-out vocals and cool guitar work, though are grinding/pacier moments in there too. Pit Bait is utter madness. I like HBSS most when they’re flailing furiously but when the slow things down, they make a compelling case for being one of the more interesting sludge/rock bands around in the US at the moment. They remind me of Cancer Bats in a way. You’d be forgiven for thinking the bass-heavy riffs at the start of Zero-One were actually spewed up by Primitive Man, but this song is actually even weirder than that. It’s a lot more experimental than the songs before it, with some strange vocal effects and chainsaw-like noises. At nearly seven-minutes it’s a belligerent statement from HBSS but one that makes perfect sense. I don’t think there’s any other way for me to describe it really. There’s a lot going on on this relatively short EP but it’s got appeal thanks to the different influences that have made it what it is. Good job.

You can stream and purchase "Teenage Graveyard Party" digitally below:-

CD copies have sold out but there is a 10" vinyl version due out later this year. Check Heavy Baby Records for news -

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