Wednesday 15 March 2017

A Province Of Thay - Atonement


1. Atonement
2. Animus
3. Thaymount
4. Dirgesinger

I've been craving post-metal/instrumental soundscapes recently and while going through my record collection I've realised that aside from Year Of No Light, Rosetta and Cult Of Luna, I don't own an awful lot. That got me thinking about similar bands I had to write about and Seattle's A Province Of Thay popped up. "Atonement" is their second EP and came just over three years after their debut EP "The Grieving". They sight some of the above mentioned bands as influences and indeed have even shared the stage with Year Of No Light in the past. I hope their music takes my mind off these stupidly tarte Grapes too!

The title-track to “Atonement” is a lot lighter than I was expecting, with keys, clean singing and melodic soaring guitar. That’s no bad thing though, as it sounds really immersive when blasting out in a room with high ceilings. It’s kinda sprawling and I can see when the shoe gaze tag fits into their music too. The songs on the EP all reach past the 6-minute mark and feature elements of doom and post-metal, as well as being pretty accessible to first time listeners. Animus has a harder edge thanks to an angsty vocal delivery, which at times reminds me to bands like Beloved (US) and The Used. That being said there is definitely an real orchestral feel within the music. Thaymount has an incredibly rousing intro section and the bass-heavy instrumental passage that it reveals is full of atmosphere. That atmosphere carries on throughout the song, which is filled with honest emotion. They weave an interesting collage with closing song Dirgesinger, which definitely feels like a fitting end to the EP. There are further hints of the accessibility I was talking about earlier in the review, as well as a strangely calming finish. This may be a relatively brief review but it says all I think I need to say. The rest should be said by the music itself.

You can stream and purchase "Atonement" digitally below:-

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