Monday 9 January 2017

Recollection - Fionn (Rubaiyat Records)

It's time for the fourth instalment of Recollections. I'm excited to say that this instalment's contributor was Fionn from DIY UK label Rubaiyat Records. Fionn is helping to release the 5-way split record that features the Healing Powers song I recently streamed. Enjoy.

Teenage Fanclub - "Thirteen"
Teenage Fanclub are my favourite band of all time, and I genuinely didn’t think I could pick an album to include on this list, as I love them all equally. I eventually settled on Thirteen just because it closes with my favourite TF song (Gene Clark). Plus I love a good vocal harmony and they do vocal harmonies better than any band I’ve ever heard.

The Birds Are Spies, They Report To The Trees - "Single Series"
I’ll confess that around the age of 13 I loved Asking Alexandria and thought Bring Me The Horizon was the heaviest thing I’d ever heard. Whilst looking for new “emo” music to listen to on the bus to school, I somehow stumbled upon a review of, and link to, this EP. I’m pretty sure I haven’t listened to Asking Alexandria since, which is as glowing an endorsement as I can give.

At The Drive-In - "Relationship Of Command"
I found this album in Kerrang when I was around 11/12, and instantly fell in love. I was considering putting Acrobatic Tenement on this list instead but this album just edges it. Around a month after hearing this album I started growing an afro as a homage to Omar and Cedric because I couldn’t grow a scene kid fringe and it was one of the worst decisions of my life. Fortunately that haircut hasn’t ruined this band for me.

Sport - "Colours"
Not only is this one of my all time favourite records, but it’s also the record that effectively kick started the label when I was maybe 15. I couldn’t afford to ship the record from France so I decided fuck it, why not email them and see if I can release it on tape in the UK? They said yes, but I was 15, skint, it didn’t happen and I’ve regretted it ever since.

Don Martin Three - "Don Martin Three LP"
One of the best emo/screamo records I’ve ever heard. Every song sounds like it’s on the verge of falling apart, but in the best possible way. Members also went on to be in Wilderness, who only just missed out on this list, so they get extra points for that.

End Of A Year - "You Are Beneath Me?
I own every record End Of A Year/Self Defense Family have ever put out, and this is head and shoulders above the rest, even including that wanky, instrumental proggy sort of track half way through.

Dinosaur Jr - "Where You Been"
Much like Teenage Fanclub, I really struggled to pick an album to include by Dinosaur Jr. I eventually settled on Where You Been, purely because it was the first LP I ever bought with my own money. You’re Living All Over Me is probably the better album but fuck it, this is my list.

Title Fight - "Floral Green"
Title Fight were the first band I ever saw live, and thus make it in. I remember listening to this album on a school trip to Spain, my iPod had busted the week before, so I had to take a shitty walkman and like 40 AAs just so I could listen to this and it was 100% worth it. Everything they did after this album was shite, but this is a great record from start to finish. 

Fugazi - "The Argument"
This record is an incredible way to end a stellar career. Most bands are lucky if they write one song half as good as the worst on this record.

Jay Reatard - "Matador Singles ‘08"
I found this album while browsing the metal section of HMV (still no idea why someone had put it in the metal section). I thought the name was funny cos I was a kid so I bought the CD. At that point I thought garage rock was stuff like the White Stripes so I avoided it like the plague but this changed my mind completely. From what I can remember he died within a month of me buying this record which was a real shame.

Honourable Mentions:
Ratking - "So It Goes"
Q and Not U - "Different Damage"
*Shels - "Plains Of The Purple Buffalo"
Wilderness - "(k)no(w)here"
The Rain Parade - "Explosions In The Glass Palace"

Lenin Death Mask - "Tried To Confess/Drowned"

Cheers very much to Fionn for taking the time to write this piece and again, it's great that this list is pretty eclectic. If you want to visit Rubaiyat's online strore you can do here -

Rubaiyat Records Facebook -

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