Tuesday 10 January 2017

No Gods - No Gods EP


1. Permafrost
2. Coven
3. Ash And Blood
4. Drown
5. Dust

If you've survived the working week so far, congratulations. Have some thrash metal! I told myself that I'd write this up over the weekend just gone, but as you can see I didn't. Following the Funeral Chic review that I DID write up at the weekend, I had a taste for some more filthy, heavy music and while browsing the bandcamp page of Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, I came across Pennsylvania's No Gods. They released their debut self-titled EP via HPGD last October and well...the label has taste.

Energetic and loud thrash metal is where it’s at here. No Gods open with Permafrost and with it a wholehearted nod to the old-school. Powerful drumming, frantic bass/guitar riffs and harsh but audible vocals all come together with tonnes of youthful enthusiasm. It’s that enthusiasm that makes the difference for me. On Coven, No Gods go for the jugular in a slightly more mid-tempo fashion, though it’s no less ferocious. They show an experimental side and that it’s not just thrash that propels them but also hardcore. The production and mastering brings out the sheer volume of Ash And Blood, along with a whole lot of Exodus/Onslaught worship amongst the vox. Momentum is certainly the name of the game with this EP and there’s plenty of it during Drown. For me there are occasions where thrash bands can lose their way and get a bit staid on record. Thankfully with this EP there isn’t time for that and the melody that No Gods inject into it makes it much more listenable too. Dust’s intro is face-smashing in a subtle kind of way and it only gets better from there with screaming leads and the kind of extended instrumental that would make the big-four proud. Thrash doesn’t seem to get as much press nowadays (compared to the likes of black metal) but it’s still out there and it still slays. No Gods rule!

Stream and pick up a download of the EP here:-

No Gods Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NOGODS.PA/
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/horrorpaingoredeath

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