Wednesday 25 January 2017

Dorre/Bethmoora - Split


1. Dorre - Three Fell From The Sky
2. Dorre - Four Walked Into The Ocean
3. Bethmoora - Succumb

I'm on a bit of a new band binge at the moment it seems. Tonight's review feature two sludge/doom bands, Dorre from Belgium and Bethmoora from Denmark. Their split record was self-released in November 2016. Dorre has been an active band since 2008, though they waited until 2015 to release their first music, in the form of an album and EP. Bethmoora are a little newer having release a single demo earlier last year prior to this split. Dorre played a few dates in the UK shortly after the split's release and both bands are due to head out across Europe in February.

Dorre plays instrumental doom/sludge. Coming from a region of Belgium that has more in common with hardcore, you’d think the influence would seep into their music but it doesn’t. Their first song Three Fell From The Sky is calm and restrained. It has more in common with post-metal and like that sub-genre, you know that something heavier is around the corner. Indeed it is, as heavier riffs find their way into the song about a third of the way through, as well as some characteristic yet subtle stoner groove. Their second contribution Four Walked Into The Ocean seems to have a more distant vibe to it. Definitely more stoner in the song, as it is more upbeat as well. Bethmoora begins the seventeen+ minute Succumb in similar instrumental fashion. It doesn’t stay that way for long though as they employ guttural screams and shrieks to great effect. They’re definitely more of a menacing and miserable proposition (in a good way). Their music is a good fit when put alongside Dorre’s instrumental heaviness and they manage to get plenty across during Succumb. It all ends rather peacefully and too soon. This split underlines the amount of quality heavy unsigned bands across Europe that vying for attention; however, Dorre and Bethmoora are doing themselves no harm by choosing the DIY route. 

You can stream and purchase the split digitally/physically via the bandcamp pages below:-

Dorre Facebook -
Bethmoora Facebook -

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