Monday 16 January 2017

Recollection - Didier (Black Basset Records)

This post marks the second milestone I've hid already this year (after hitting the 300,000 reader mark over the weekend). This is the fifth instalment of "Recollection" and this one was kindly sent over by Didier Gosset from Belgian label Black Basset Records. I reviewed the "Fractures" album by Mont-Dore a little while ago, which was released by Didier. Read on...

Fugazi – "In On The Kill Taker"
Now, that was a strange one. A CD I purchased straight after its release based only on the advice of one of my school’s cool kids. And an entirely new world opened to me. It probably took me two weeks by then to decide if I loved it or loathed it. Nowadays, I still consider the whole Fugazi discography a must-have for any clued-up records collector.

Facedown – "Friendship Is Everything"
Probably my first love story with a Belgian (straightedge) hardcore band. From Antwerp. At a time when H8000 (i.e. another area of Belgium) hardcore was all the rage! Although my Facedown favourite track (“Wartime”) is included on their first album proper (which also included two dodgy electro tracks of very bad taste for some reason), this is by favourite one. The CD version had live tracks and bonus tracks on it!

Culture – "Heteronome"
For no other reason than the sheer amount of times I listened to this album back in the days: I nearly destroyed the record! To be honest, it has not aged well.

Arkangel – "Prayers Upon Deaf Ears"
The Belgian UFO of 1998. So unexpected, so violent and, to top it all, straight from my hometown of Brussels. So much has been written about the band, yet there is no contest: this EP is their one true masterpiece.

Catharsis – 'Passion"
An aptly-named album indeed. And probably the best introduction possible to chaotic hardcore, in my opinion.

Ignite – "A Place Called Home"
By far the best Ignite album, the one for which they managed the best mix of both their hardcore and punk rock influences. I think we managed to see them 6 times on that tour, it was that enjoyable.

Converge – "Jane Doe"
It had to be there, right, if only for its sheer musical impact? To be honest, I am not even sure it’s the Converge album I listened to the most.

Fall of Efrafa – "Owsla"
I remember, as a small child, that my father brought me to the movies to watch the Watership Down "cartoon". It was a frightening experience but it led me, later on, to read and fully appreciate the book. The fact that Fall of Efrafa has managed to bring fantastic and majestic music together with proper story-telling and quality artworks make this record (and the entire trilogy around the book) simply extraordinary. 

Listener – "Wooden Heart"
This LP, and Listener's very own blend of "talk rock" is more than just a simple "favourite album”, it's a proper love story. There is nothing wrong in the band's whole discography. And, having had the chance to be involved in the promotion of a handful of their Belgian shows over the year, they are among the nicest people I have ever met. Must see band and a must have album. 

We Came Out Like Tigers – "Agelessness and Lack"

Remember Why You Are. Surely one of the best tracks of the naughties? This album is so addictive, it's unreal. An unexpected mix of black metal, screamo, folk music and violin.

Thanks very much to Didier for taking the time to write this (I know it's not easy). You can visit Black Basset Records via the links below:-

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Note: I am looking for more people who wold like to send in a list like Didier's. If you're interested and play in a band/run a label etc, then just drop me an e-mail at Thanks

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