Monday 16 January 2017

Moloch(Ukr)/Gurthang - Split 7"


1. Moloch(Ukr) - Das Uraite Verweilt Dazwischen
2. Moloch(Ukr) - Unendlichkeit
3. Gurthang - Of Decay And Solitude

I was a little surprised when news of this split arrived in my inbox. Not because of the bands involved but because it's been released by Give Praise Records! I'm glad to see Moloch(Ukr) getting further into people's ears and it feels right that it should be via a label that surrounds itself with so much extremity. Unlike Moloch(Ukr), Gurthang is a new band for me. A black metal/funeral doom quintet from Poland, Gurthang started in and around 2010 and has released four full-lengths as well as a myriad of other release since. 

Moloch(Ukr) has always seems a bit too expansive for the 7” medium and that band’s two songs here are shorter than usual. Das Uraite Verweilt Dazwischen is one of Sergiy’s now typical ambient instrumentals. Unendlichkeit is a droning, orchestral black metal piece filled with maddening screams and spoken word vocals. I last listened to Moloch(Ukr) around the time of the “Verwustung” release, which seemed to be a real step forward for the band. I can see hints of that progression here. Gurthang seems like the perfect band to share a split with Moloch(Ukr) and their dark funeral doom seems equally as menacing during Of Decay And Solitude. There’s a sense of melody too them though, much like their Scandinavian cousins and there is also some similarities between their screams and those of Sergiy’s. As a glimpse into both bands, this split works really well though I would have liked to have seen them collaborating together as opposed to sharing such a record. That’s not a reason to overlook this release though. In terms of musical content, it’s very good.

You can stream Moloch(Ukr)'s second track Unendlichkeit via Give Praise Records below:-

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