Saturday 19 December 2015

Through The Quagmire: Lethal Shock, Solemn Promise and Asilo

I was originally going to start this regular feature in the new year, but I felt compelled to kick it off early. I know I've talked about regular features (that didn't turn out to be so) in the past; however, this time I intend to make it so.

Contrary to what the title might suggest, this feature is not derogatory. By Quagmire, I am merely referring to the sheer amount of bands that appear almost daily and this is my way of trying to guide you through the heaving mass, in order to find something you'll enjoy.

Lethal Shock

I'm opening up with a band that drinks from the genre's purest of waters, heavy metal. Chicago based power-trio Lethal Shock has been around since 2008 yet only released their first demo "Evil Aggressor" last month! They play heavy metal in the vein of Motorhead if they'd been fed through the entire Hell's Headbangers discography, which is apt as they've previously shared the stage with The Lurking Corpses and October 31. Bassist/Vocalist Pat "Noctis" McCormick spent time in Nachtmystium in the early 00's and currently plays bass in Kommandant amongst others. Lethal Shock is completed by Lead Guitarist/Vocalist Steve Beaudette and Drummer/Vocalist Justin Fernal.

Their demo is available for streaming and free download from bandcamp below:-

Lethal Shock Facebook -öck

Solemn Promise

Next up is a British band that were born out of the UK Beatdown scene but that seems to be maturing into something else. Solemn Promise aren't a new band to me, but might be to a few of you. They formed in 2012 and so far have two releases to their name. Their latest EP "Annihilation" was released via UK label Negative Reaction Records in early 2015, following it's digital release by the band. They regularly play across the UK and have recently been tearing it up in Europe.

You can check them out below:-

You can grab a copy of "Annihilation" on CD via Negative Reaction Records here -

Negative Reaction Records Facebook -


The final band in this small write-up is Buenos Aires (Arg) sludge/doom band Asilo. This four-piece has been making slow, riffy, electronic noises since 2010 and has released a few DIY splits as well as a full-length, "Comunion" back in April 2014. Their latest release was a three-band split called "Blackdope Sessions". You can checkout their contributions to that split below (where all of their music is available for free or name-your-price download):-

There is also merch and CD's available from their bandcamp page above.

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