Sunday 13 December 2015

Radioactive Vomit - Ratsflesh 7"


1. Intro
2. Pestis Malevolus
3. Stench Of Treachery
4. Ratsflesh
5. Speak With Tongues Of Flies
6. Outro

While others are putting together and publishing there end of year lists, I'm still catching up with a load of 2015 releases. You may not think it but I do have a pattern to my reviewing (kind of) and do try and work to a schedule to make sure I write on a regular basis. Anyway, today's foray into the extreme comes courtesy of Canadian black metallers Radiotctive Vomit. Last heard on the 2013 split with Column Of Heaven, they released the Ratsflesh 7" back in April with the help of Iron Bonehead Productions and compatriot label Vault Of Dried Bones.

With a name like Radioactive Vomit, this was never going to be a 7” filled with puppy dogs and bunny rabbits. Instead, it’s crammed with disgustingly loud and frantic black metal. The Intro is harrowing enough, but it’s Pestis Malevolus that truly shows the direction in which Radioactive Vomit is coming from. Coming complete with razor-like guitar, raw-production and evil high/low-pitched screams, it’s slow/fast dynamic is strangely effective. There’s no time for breathers or facecloths to soak up the nervous sweat, as Stench Of Treachery opens with a long instrumental build-up before RV unleashes dirty black thrash. It’s more structured this time but no less threatening. The feedback-laden title track alleviates any sense of escape. The rapid blast beats add metallic bite as cymbals crash and the bass rumbles in the background. Speak With Tongues Of Flies conjures up images of maniacs losing it to the band live, such is it’s ferocity. The Outro contains more of the band’s sludge-like noise, as well as some pretty cool guitar-driven effects. It’s a suitable way to end the EP. It’s uncomfortable, unfathomable (sometimes) and exactly what a noisy black metal 7” should be. The cover art is awesome too! 

Stream Pestis Malevolus from the EP here:-

You can grab the 7" from the links below:-

Iron Bonehead Productions -
Vault Of Dried Bones -

Radioactive Vomit Metal Archives -
Iron Bonehead Productions Facebook -
Vault Of Dried Bones Facebook -

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