Friday 11 December 2015

Arreat Summit - Frostburn EP


1. Underlife
2. Frostburn

This EP is for those who think that decent metalcore no longer exists. Death metal took on an entirely different form when bands started to mix it with hardcore and melody. Bands like Killswitch Engage and The Black Dahlia Murder are as revered now as they ever were (and quite rightly so), but it was never as big in Europe save for bands like Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn and Fear My Thoughts. Swedish four-piece Arreat Summit are here to remind you that the sound isn't entirely dead, as their latest EP Frostburn contains two tracks that merge both metalcore and death metal (in it's technical form). They formed back in 2012 and currently have a demo and three EPs to their name, with this latest one being released digitally through Swedish label World vs Cometh back in September.

Arreat Summit’s take on death metal is definitely more extreme than I made it out to be in my opening paragraph, but the sentiment still stands, Underlife contains lightning fast drumming, technical riffs and bowel-clenching vocals. The metalcore influence comes in during the solo’s and twin-guitar harmonies that make Frostburn so listenable. The title-track is unmistakably Swedish in it’s delivery. One things for sure, Arreat Summit can craft a catchy song! Frostburn rages but with enough character to separate them from the myriad chuggers doing the rounds. Preferring to ignore overtly progressive song structures, their shorter blasts of death metal are really pleasing on the ears. The dual low/high-pitched screams add further texture while the lead-guitar dexterity is spot on. This EP is brief but it reveals a band that are heading for greater things. This is a must listen for any self-respecting metal fan that wants to discover something new.

Stream Frostburn and grab it as a name-your-price download (with guitar tabs thrown in!) below:-

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