Saturday 26 December 2015

More Than Most - Impossible Is Temporary


1. You're Not Alone
2. Remember Who You Are
3. Save Me From Myself
4. Nightmares

I've only managed to scratch the surface in terms of 2015's releases and next year's are already beginning to role in. Might as well try and start on the front foot! This four-track EP is the debut EP from London-based post-hardcore/alternative quintet More Than Most and it's due out in early February. They began playing together as a band in 2014 and have gone onto share the stage with bands like Mallory Know and Funeral For A Friend, which will give you a bit of a clue as to their sound and direction. 

More Than Most describes themselves as an alternative/Electronica band. On first listen to EP opener You’re Not Alone, it’s tough to tell the difference between this and much of the RnB/Pop that’s in today’s charts. Apart from the chorus (which employs drums and guitars more prominently) you’d be hard pressed to find any link to anything heavier. They rescue themselves with Remember Who You Are, which is a high-octane rock song completed with danceable electronica. More Than Most are a product of the current pop-rock scene that favours slick production and radio-friendly sounds. There’s nothing wrong with that and by beginning their career with that kind of sound, More Than Most don’t set out to mislead anyone. Remember Who You Are is actually a very catchy and professional song. I here Minutes To Midnight-era Linkin Park in Save Me From Myself. It’s a big sound to pull off but they manage to get pretty close at times. All of the songs here follow a similar pattern and length but More Than Most manage to maintain some individuality in each song, so they have their personalities. EP closer Nightmares is more rock-laden and it’s momentum means a strong end to proceedings. Please don’t think that this review is a negative one, it’s just that I’m perhaps a bit jaded towards the more modern, mainstream sound.these days. More Than Most as a band definitely has the skill to climb the ranks and you could well see them playing next year’s big summer festivals, it’s just a bit too pop for me. 

You can stream the song Remember Who You Are via More Than Most's Soundcloud page below:-

More Than Most Facebook -

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