Monday 14 December 2015

Lahius - 2 Tracks


1. Wanker
2. Sick & Wasted

Just got time for something quick tonight. This is the latest two-track release from French noisecore band Lahius. Lahius is another band that can be filed alongside the likes of Pord, Watertank and Stuntman, who incidentally they now share a vocalist with. I don't know a great deal about Lahius though I have seen their sound described as everything from powerviolence to stoner-rock, so read into that what you will. Oh and they play around France quite a lot.

The affectionately titled Wanker is filled with angular riffs and semi-shouted vocals. It’s definitely noisy and at first comes across as a European version of Every Time I Die. It contains more experimentation that the aforementioned band though, I was merely comparing the vocals there. It switches between heavy/fast passages and slower introspective ones that segue into subtle Southern-stoner riffs. Sick & Wasted gathers up more urgency during it’s off-kilter intro. There’s a lot going on in the song, with feedback buzzing in the background while the percussion and guitars fight to be heard. Sometimes it all gets too much but Lahius manages to rescue things before they spill over altogether. At time this is all over the place in terms of the different musical styles that Lahius use, but it is listenable and just the right side of mad for anyone who doesn’t want music that’s straightforward. Definitely a grower and something I’m going to revisit for sure. 

You can stream and download the EP below:-

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