Tuesday 12 May 2015

Torpor - From Nothing Comes Everything LP


1. From This Time
2. Surrender To The Light
3. The Wake
4. As Waves Crash
5. Abandon
6. Everything We Left Behind

I can't believe it's been nearly three-years since Torpor released their debut tape, Bled Dry! That tape from Headless Guru Records was my introduction to this London/Brighton based heavy band. Torpor's debut full-length was released earlier this year on CD by Prismatik, on tape via Black Bow Records and on vinyl via Head Of Crom. The vinyl version comes on glorious clear/smoked wax and in a blue sleeve featuring the above artwork, which is even more striking in the flesh! Torpor recently played Desert Fest in London, oh and with Primitive Man, Sea Bastard and Art Of Burning Water too (probably the best line-up ever!).

From Nothing Comes Everything opens up with a calming post-metal intro on From This Time, before breaking into a tumultuous passage of sludgy riffs and heavy bass. This was the first song that Torpor put online prior to the release. It moved me then and it moves me still now. The dual male/female screams, Nats Spada’s spoken-word and the crawling instrumentation backing it up paints a bleak picture. After the slower tempo of From This Time, Surrender To The Light has a lot more urgency and sound even more furious. The scream could almost strip paint (which is a compliment by the way!). The guitar is really atmospheric and the quality production brings clarity to the drums, while the song overall is pretty bass-heavy during the verses. I really like Torpor’s ability to weave subtle introspection into their songs, again similar to Scottish post-metallers Voe (whom i’ve name-dropped here a few time recently). The Wake follows with quiet dignity and layers of feedback. It would be wrong to call this an interlude due to the use of vocals within it, but it does sound really bleak! The duo of As Waves Crash and Abandon explore a different side to Topor’s sound. As Waves Crash features clean vox and a more up-tempo groove during the first half, while making an about turn back into heavier territory later on. Abandon is all encompassing and really emotional. Torpor again seem to have condensed their song-writing here, while Abandon itself sounds more menacing compared to As Waves Crash. They’re certainly not one-trick ponies, with all kinds of musical influence rearing it’s head on record. Minimalist is the best word to describe the initial rumblings of closing song Everything We Left Behind. Off-kilter rhythms and metallic guitar go hand in hand throughout and at times, it becomes mesmerising. Torpor features an originality that is hard to put your finger on. They’re catchy without being cheesy and they know how to pen a song, even when it’s this extreme! They’re easily one of the UK’s best doom/sludge/post-metal/noise/whatever bands right now and long may it continue! 

Stream and download From Nothing Comes Everything here:-

CD copies can be purchased directly from Torpor's bandcamp page and via Prismatic here - http://www.prismatik.co.uk/. Tapes can be purchased from Black Bow Records here - http://blackbowrecords.bigcartel.com and vinyl copies can be grabbed from Head Of Crom here - http://www.headofcrom.com/releases/torpor-from-nothing-comes-everything/.

Torpor Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/torporsound
Prismatik Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/prismatikcreative
Black Bow Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Bow-Records
Head Of Crom Website - http://www.headofcrom.com

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