Monday 4 May 2015

I Need Your Help!

I'm reaching out to readers of this blog, bands, labels and general music fans with an interest in heavy metal, noise ad punk music. I would like you opinions on what you would like to see from a new music and media website?

The idea is to have a site that works for artists and labels, while reaching as wide an audience as possible but still retaining the core values of why I set This Noise Is Ours up in the first place. I want it to continue to promote DIY and underground music and those that make it. I want people to be able to discover new bands and remain fans for life. I don't just want it to be another music website, which is where you come in.

Tell me what you want to see?
How you want to see it?
What you like and dislike about current music and media websites and indeed my own blog (if you want)?

There are loads of ways to get involved and to put your thoughts across:-
1) Comment under this very post
2) Use the Contact Form to the right of this page
3) E-mail me at -
4) Contact me on social media: Facebook -
                                                   Twitter - @ThisNoiseIsOurs

Thank you!


  1. Things I'd like to see:

    More reviews
    More interviews
    Me as your symphonic metal specialist
    More videos
    Opinionated articles about recent events in the music world

  2. Thanks for your comment Nico. I like the majority of your suggestions. Not sure about Symphonic metal if I'm honest, but i'll take it on board.

  3. I like that you write reviews and not just post the labels marketing.

    interviews could be interesting.

    I think no video is good, videos tends to slow the site loading a lot, I avoid some blogs because of that.