Saturday 2 May 2015

Simmer - Yellow Streak 7"


1. Head Trip
2. Douse
3. Laying Odds
4. Yellow Streak

Alongside a penchant for awesome screamo-related releases, Dog Knights Productions has always been able to pluck dreamy indie-pop/punk bands from the undergrowth. Perfect examples have been Nai Harvest, Playlounge, Headroom and Bloody Knees in recent years. You can now add Cheshire's Simmer to that list. Yellow Streak is the band's second release, after their 2014 debut EP Your Tonal Mess. Simmer are touring across the UK later this month with Big Nothing too. Here's the tour flyer - 

Simmer’s sound is a mixture of clean vocal harmonies and textured indie/punk music. 7” opener Head Trip is sometimes noisy and sometimes really laid-back, with only occasional screams deep in the mix. I can’t quite put my finger on where I’ve heard this before. They remind me a bit of Chestnut Road and Crocodile God. The further in I get into Yellow Streak, the more it grows on me. Douse is full of off-kilter signature changes, swirling vox and a driving rock n roll atmosphere. The production and overall performance is pretty slick too. Laying Odds is how pop-punk would sound if you slowed it right down and injected some post-rock into it. A pretty rudimentary description I know, but it works. The title-track somehow takes on a different feel. Simmer’s key sound is still present but it seems more condensed and menacing during the opening verse. It then explodes with majestic guitar riffs that would be at home on melodic-hardcore records from bands like Light Your Anchor. There’s no Americanisms present here, just a sweet domestic sound. This shifts boundaries in terms of who it will appeal to, which should be large proportion of punks, indie-fans and forward-thinking rock fans in general. I love this and really want to here more from Simmer.

You can stream Yellow Streak here:-

You can pick up digital downloads from DKP's bandcamp page above and directly from Simmer's page here -

Physical 7"s can be purchased on both yellow and green wax from DKP here - Grab one (or both colours) as soon as you can, because they're likely to sell out soon.

Simmer Facebook -
Dog Knights Productions Facebook -

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