Saturday 2 May 2015

Cannabis Corpse/Ghoul - Splatterhash Split


1. Cannabis Corpse - The Inhalation Plague
2. Cannabis Corpse - Shatter Their Bongs
3. Ghoul - Inner Sanctum
4. Ghoul - Spill Your Guts

Exciting doesn't necessarily mean new. This split LP was released by Tankcrimes back in January 2014. Featuring the hooded spectres of Ghoul and the only true medicated Cannibal Corpse parody band Cannabis Corpse. Obviously, Cannabis Corpse (featuring members of Municipal Waste) started out as a weed-based tribute to the kings of gory death metal, but since then they have become so much more and appearing on this killer split alongside their mysterious lablemates, shows that they've lost none of their humour and sense of fun. I'll never forget the time I saw a guy in a shark outfit crowd surfing on an actual surfboard to MW at Leeds Cockpit R.I.P. Thrash and death awaits!

The first two songs belong to Cannabis Corpse. Those who’re used to MW will have a shock when hearing Landphil’s low-bellows and the more technical sound that CC make on The Inhalation Plague. Really, it’s pointless comparing the two bands. With nods to both old-school Swedeath and the aforementioned US gore nuts, there’s plenty to enjoy. Shatter Their Bongs shows off their sense off humour, by ripping the rule book up even more and making a bit of joke of death metal’s seriousness. The music is stellar though, with plenty of high-pitched guitar and shifting signatures. Sick! Ghoul on the other side bring the party with a more straight-forward and nasty death/thrash attack. Inner Sanctum mixes dual high/low pitched growls with a raging backline. Ghoul has always been a band I’d like to see live, but they don’t come to UK very often, so I have to make do with their recorded output, which is no bad thing. Their precision as a band really shines through here. Spill Your Guts is a polar opposite to Inner Sanctum. For starters, it’s about a quarter of the length and it’s a perfect blast of quick-fire thrash. Ghoul show that they can be both technical and straight-ahead mental with their contribution. This split offers two things. Firstly, quality musicianship and secondly, fun. 

You can stream Splatterhash below:-

It's available as a digital download from Tankcrimes above or on CD (vinyl copies have sold out) from the link below -

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