Saturday 23 May 2015

Morbid Slaughter - Wicca 7"


1. Wicca
2. Nightly Breath Of God

South America and black-thrash are synonymous and there's a lot still to be discovered. I'm starting with Morbid Slaughter, a trio from Lima (Peru) who released this 7" via US label Boris Records last year, following the release of a comp in the same year and three previous demos. They contain members of fellow Peruvian bands Sexorcist and Evil Spectrum.

Wicca is a brief but ripping two-track 7”. The title track is full of raw and honest thrash, with blackened shrieks and rock n roll fury. Don’t expect a polished production, because you’re not going to get it but what you do get is honest and unique. The drums are most prominent on the recording, while the guitars sit in the mix behind the vocals. That doesn’t stop the solo from kicking ass though! Nightly Breath Of God ratchets up the menacing atmosphere on Wicca. The vocals might be a bit hard for some people to bare, but they sit perfectly with the music and the feel that Morbid Slaughter put across. This is Hells Headbanger’s good and that’s a compliment to the band! 

Stream Wicca via Boris Records here:-

You can purchase the 7" digitally or physically from the bandcamp page above.

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